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15 RED (Regional)
Player   Uniform Position  HeightVertical ClassAdditional Info 
Rachel Brunel8DS/OH5'4"18.7" 2021Golden HS 
Elisa Budny5 MB/OH5'8.5"23" 2021Lakewood HS, Core Player of the Month, Core High Flyers Club
Katie DeMink 31MB5'10"19.8" 2021Standley Lake HS 
Saige Kitzmiller16 S 5'7"19.3" 2021Lakewood HS 
Jules Kremer DS/OH 5'3"19" 2021Golden HS 
Anna Plotnick18  OH5'5" 19.8" 2021Golden HS 
Annika Smith6OH/RS5'8.5"15.4" 2021Golden HS 
Kennedy White7 L/OH5'3"24" 2021   Lakewood HS, Core High Flyers Club 

15 RED Alternates
 Player  Uniform Position Height VerticalClass Additional Info  
 Rachel Adamson  RS/S5'6" 19" 2020Home School 
Trini Camarena  RS/OH5'3" 2020Home School 
 Sienna Colucci10 S/RS 5'6"21" 2020Golden HS, Core High Flyers Club 

15 BLUE (Local)
PlayerUniform Position HeightVerticalClass Additional Info   
Shea Arnold  RS/S5'4"18.1"2022 Bell MS
Isabella Claussen20MB5'10"2022Manning MS
Briar Hamp   OH/DS 5'4" 2022 Bell MS 
Ava Helm 22 RS/S 5'6"16.3" 2021 Golden HS 
Shelbie Hewitt 13  OH/M 5'8"21.6" 2021 Arvada West HS, Core High Flyers Club 
Gabby Macarelli   RS/S 5'6" 2022 Bell MS 
Grace Matteson   S/MB 5'8" 14.8"2022 Manning MS 
Angelina Sanchez  OH/DS 5'3"19.1" 2022Bell MS 
Ashlee Schmidt21  L/OH5'3"  2022Bell MS 
Taylor Volek 15  MB5'9"  19.2"2021 Golden HS 

 PlayerUniform Position  HeightVertical Class Additional Info 
 Abbie Buchwald     11 S/RS/MB5'8.5" 21" 2020  Arvada West HS, Core High Flyers Club
 Nick Fontaine    19RS5'8.5"22"2020 D'Evelyn HS, Core High Flyers Club
 Isabelle Hybsha  OH5'7" 22" 2020Golden HS, Core High Flyers Club
 Zach Inglee 2MB5'11"21"2021Wheat Ridge HS, Core High Flyers Club
 Alexandra Iskalis 3 MB/OH 5'4.5" 16.7"2022  Bell MS
 Sydney Kitzmiller  OH/S5'3" 21" 2023Creighton MS, Core High Flyers Club
 Tessa Korthuis  OH/M 5'9"19.7" 2019 Arvada West HS 
 Jadyn Linenberger 29  L/DS/OH 5'19.6" 2021 Wheat Ridge HS 
 Danielle Lolk  L/DS/OH 5'2" 2021Golden HS 
 Victoria Martin  L/DS/OH 5'3" 2023Deer Creek MS 
 Calista Poulous14  OH/RS5'6"  2020 Golden HS 
 Jade Preston S/DS5'6" 17.5" 2020 Golden HS 
 Cielo Rodriguez OH 5'3"  14.1"2023Creighton MS 
 Evie Schull  MB/S5'3" 17.7" 2023Creighton MS 
 Grace Scott 12  OH/RS5'5" 18" 2021 Ralston Valley HS 
 Sela Ward17  MB/OH5'8" 14.5" 2020Golden HS