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Player Workout

One thing the coaches get asked frequently is "what can I do to improve?". We believe that a lot of player development actually happens outside of the gym. Here is a list of things that any player can do at home, on vacations, with a friend, or alone. 

1. Use a volleyball. Pass to yourself, set to yourself, pass/set off of your roof or SOLID wall (with parental permission!). Ask a friend or parent to toss to you, hit at you, etc. Learn how your body moves and what the ball does when you do certain movements. This all helps in ball control. 

2. Do some footwork. Practice a quick shuffle, practice your block jump, practice your hitting approach. The more you practice, the better it will get and the less you'll actually have to think about doing it in a game. It will eventually become an automatic movement. Try using post-it notes in your room; jump and stick the note as high as you can on your wall. Every day try to jump higher and stick a new note above the old one. Set a goal to at least touch your ceiling. 

3. Squats are your friend. Do at least 30 good ones per day. 

4. Plank. Got 30 seconds to spare? Do a plank and hold it as long as you can. Try some of the plank variations we do in practice. Can't remember what those are? Ask us (or see #9). 

5. Push-ups are your friend. Engage your core and do as many sets of 10 as you can per day. Help build your core strength and arm strength. Want an even bigger challenge? Do burpies instead :) 

6. STRETCH. One of the best things you can do is remain agile while you are playing volleyball. Take a few minutes to stretch head-to-toe every day. 

7. Sprints. I know, I know! Not your favorite thing to do, but becoming explosive and being able to sprint is super important in volleyball. In our opinion sprints are much more important than long distance running. 

8. JUMP. Practice your block jump, box squats, depth jumps, jump squats, skater jumps and scissor jumps are just a few ideas. 

9. Believe it or not, watch YouTube! You can search for player work-outs and skill videos and get a ton of inspiration and instruction.