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Player of the Month

The Core Values VBC Player of the Month recognition is given to athletes that best demonstrate our Core Values of Confidence, Discipline and Determination through their actions during practices, competitions and outside of the gym. These are our "stand-out" athletes that any coach would be lucky to have in their gym/programs; they are great teammates, great leaders and great athletes.

Snapshot (see additional info below!)
 December 17 Elisa Budny
 January 18 Kennedy White
 February 18 Sydney Kitzmiller
 March 18 
 April 18 
 May 18 
 June 18 
 July 18 

December 2017
Elisa Budny- Core Values 15 Red-
Age: 14; Height: 5'8.5"; Position: Middle/OH; Vertical: 22.5"; Other sports: Archery; Class of 2021
We are so incredibly proud of Elisa and the young woman she is becoming. From our first time coaching her at the City of Golden program, to now entering her 4th season with Core Values we have seen her grow and mature so much. She is a great student, involved in her community, and committed to excellence in everything she does. Elisa is a "utility player" that can play every single position on the court. She works hard, inspires and leads her teammates and doesn't know the meaning of "quit". She is a perfect example of the athletes we love to have and want to develop in our programs. Watch Elisa's video here

January 2018
Kennedy White- Core Values 15 Red-
Age 14; Height 5'3"; Position: OH/L; Vertical: 24"; Other sports: Tennis; Class of 2021
Kennedy White is one of the most intense and dedicated athletes at Core Values. She's the kid that will show up to practices and tournaments even if she's injured and can't play (and she WANTS to be there- we never had to ask her to come in the last 4 years). Kennedy is on top of our High Flyers Club with the highest vertical in the club (she's hit 27" a few times according to our Vert!). Even though she's our top leaper, she's also our defensive "master" (aka lil' ninja) and is a killer libero! Kennedy is a past recipient of the "To the Core Award" twice over; this award is peer nominated and goes to the person that they think exemplifies our "core values" of Confidence, Discipline and Determination not just on the court but in every aspect of their every day life.  Watch Kennedy's video here!

February 2018
Sydney Kitzmiller- Core Values VBC Practice Player-
Age: 12; Height 5'3"; Position: Setter/Libero/OH; Vertical: 21"
Don't let Sydney's age fool you! She may be the 2nd youngest athlete currently at Core Values but she's the kid in our gym that pushes each and every athlete we have to give 100% every second that they're in the gym. "Sid" comes to practice early to perfect her skills, she can play every single position on the court and she has earned the respect of our oldest and most fierce competitors in the gym with her fearless "can do" attitude. Even at 12 years old Sid already is living up to our club motto and showcases her confidence, discipline and determination every time she steps into the gym. We're super excited to watch Sydney grow in the coming years! There are great things to come! Sydney's video is coming soon!