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Player of the Month

The Core Values VBC Player of the Month recognition is given to athletes that best demonstrate our Core Values of Confidence, Discipline and Determination through their actions during practices, competitions and outside of the gym. Monthly nominations need to be emailed to Coach Cindy by the 5th of the month for consideration.

Please see our College Recruits page for athletes that are uncommitted and seeking the opportunity to play college volleyball.


Coach Dave says, “Johanna has stepped up to the challenge of improvement. She acknowledges her errors and works to correct them. JoJo is hugely supportive of her teammates. She gives 100% on even the most mundane of drills all while encouraging her teammates. She's worked on all facets of her game and has made her serve a consistent weapon.”

Here are some fun tidbits about Johanna:

1. What is your favorite volleyball nickname?
My favorite nickname is “JoJo.” My older sister Kat actually gave me this nickname. It is also part of the name of my ice cream from Coach – “Jojo’s Sugar Cookie Surprise.” It has caught on and now that is what everyone calls me.
2. Why do you play volleyball?
I came to play volleyball after playing soccer when I was young. It is a long story, but I can honestly say I don’t miss soccer at all! Now I play it because I gain a large sense of satisfaction and love continuing to learn and develop new skills. Volleyball has also helped me make many long-term friends.
3. What is your favorite position in volleyball and why?
My favorite position is middle hitter/blocker. Coach originally put me in the position because I was taller than most of my team at the YMCA but I have stuck with it. Even though I can find the position frustrating, every time I learn a skill that has been difficult for me to learn, I feel proud of myself. Then I want to keep practicing it so I can do it successfully in a match. I want to keep doing it over and over.
4. What is your favorite hobby that ISN’T volleyball?
School and volleyball keep me pretty busy and I put all my energy into the two but when I have time, I love riding horses.
5. What is your number one goal for this season?
I really want to improve every part of my game so I can be the best player I can be for me and my team. If I had to pick a couple of specific skills, I’d like to improve my hitting and blocking. These are my more inconsistent skills.


These two kids are what we want our athletes to be- caring, giving, selfless. They have a passion for the game but even more than that, they want to help where they can and not just build themselves but everyone around them. They work hard when no ones looking; even over our big holiday break they got together and played in a juniors sand tournament!

Shea Arnold: 
Coach Kyle says “Shea always wants to be better and is always asking how. Shea requests that we do a drill that will benefit the team and help hone her setting skills.
Shea always shows she loves the game of volleyball and has a great passion for the game, but there is another side of Shea that I really appreciate, she loves to sing and also over the Christmas break to time to go out and Christmas caroling.”
1. What's your favorite nickname?
I don’t really have many nicknames, but I have been called “Sister Shea” by many of the girls on my team!
2. Why do you play volleyball?
I have been playing volleyball ever since I was little, and absolutely love the sport! I played softball when I was younger, but never really connected with it. Volleyball is one of the sports that I really feel at home with. Plus, the moment of doing the perfect set is amazing!
3. What's your favorite position in volleyball and why?
My favorite position in volleyball is setter and right side hitter. Setting is such a hard position and it really forces me to push myself and to improve. I also love smacking the ball and working to get crazy spin. I also love trying new hitting techniques.
4. What's your favorite hobby that ISN'T volleyball?
I absolutely LOVE singing! I’m that huge choir nerd who walks around with melodies in her head, and singing in the shower! I am in choir at my school, and love making up random songs in my head.
5. What is your number one goal this season?
My number one goal for this season would be to become a better hitter, and get better at placement for my sets. I can always improve!

Wyatt Hobson:
Coach Kyle says “I have been with Wyatt for over 2 years of volleyball, Wyatt lives and breaths volleyball. When Wyatt is on vacation with the family there better be a volleyball court where they are staying or close by or else. When they go to a specific location on vacation he checks with the hotel to see if he can help with the volleyball events they have at the hotel. I’m pretty sure when Wyatt dreams the clouds look like mounds of volleyballs and the horizon is just one long volleyball net.
Wyatt has been setting for most of the time I have coached him and we changed his position this season. Wyatt is playing in the front and to the move without hesitation. His blocking and hitting skills have already exceeded my expectations.”
1. What's your favorite nickname?
I don't really have a nickname, but I am used to being called one of the "Ladies" or "Girls" since the majority of the teams I've played have been comprised of female players.
2. Why do you play volleyball?
When I was younger I tried a few sports but nothing was ever that enjoyable to me. At 8 years old my parents brought me to Cabo San Lucas and I discovered volleyball. I instantly fell in love with the sport and my mom signed me up as soon as we got home. When I showed up to my first practice for a CARA team, I quickly found out that is was a girl dominated sport in Denver (I was one of only 2 boys in the gym) but I didn't care, I just wanted to play. Fast forward four years and I still just want to play. I have played on CARA, Competitive, Sand Volleyball Co-Ed Doubles, and now a Club Team. I love watching the ball slam down on the opposite court, serving to specific positions, and returning balls that seem impossible. I hope that if I keep improving my court and sand volleyball skills that I can eventually play in college.
3. What's your favorite position in volleyball and why?
My two favorite positions are Outside and Setter, but I am also learning to play Middle. I love the Outside position because its so much fun to get a good block and/or spike. I love setting because its really fun and I enjoy putting the ball in just the right spot so my teammates can crush it.
4. What's your favorite hobby that ISN'T volleyball?
My favorite active hobbies include mountain biking and snow boarding. I also have a lot of fun rock climbing, snorkeling, backpacking, fishing and traveling. I really enjoy coin collecting as well. 
5. What is your number one goal this season?
My top personal goals this season are to become a more effective hitter, a quieter setter, and efficiently block anything that comes my way. My top team goals are for everyone to reach their maximum potential, have fun while playing, and be able to rally and come back when we are behind. I would love to win a gold medal since I already have one in CARA and Competitive, but I know that it will only happen if we can work together as a team.