Team Info


1. Be on time. Court shoes and knee pads on, water bottles full, cell phones away, at least 5 minutes before practice. If time allows complete your pre-practice drills.


2. Leave distractions at the door. Forget about distractions (things at home or school, stay at home/school) when you walk into the gym. Focus on volleyball, work hard and have fun!


3. Strive for excellence, not a win. Embrace the process and forget about the outcome. If we strive to be excellent, winning will come as a result.


4. Communicate. With volume; with purpose; with passion. Make communication a habit. Every contact has associated talk.


5. Listen intensely. Always pay attention to everything that is said. No talking while a coach is talking or if a teammate is addressing the group.


6. Acknowledgement. When a coach gives you feedback acknowledge it by making eye contact, nodding, or saying, “OK,” “Thank-you,” “Got it.” Saying “I know” or talking back/making excuses is not acceptable…. And No Eye-rolling! If you don’t understand something that was said, don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation!


7. Hustle. When shagging balls, when coming on or off the court in matches, when joining team huddles, when a coach calls you aside - run, DON’T WALK.


8. Practice with intensity and purpose. Work hard during drills, rest when not participating. Every single time you touch the ball, it has to be with the purpose of getting better. Don’t just go through the motions.


9. Embrace mistakes. They are how we get better. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough. Don’t get frustrated or embarrassed when you mess up, just try it again.


10. Be Competitive. Everything is a competition either with yourself or your teammates. Every drill, every rep is a competition.


11. Be a good teammate. Communicate! Even if you are having a bad day, or if you are in a slump, you can always make your teammates around you better. Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others. Be Great!


12. Be a team. Communicate! Support each other, encourage each other, have fun together. Support each other on and off the court. Being a good team is worth points on the scoreboard.