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At Core Values VBC we believe in doing all we can to help our families. One way we do this is by offering two standard fundraisers each season to ALL of our athletes. Core Values doesn't keep a penny of any fundraising money raised by our athletes until their account is paid in full. Any excess funds a player raises is used for our end of season banquet to help keep that a nearly free event for all of our players and their families. 

We also occasionally participate in other small fundraising events like Chick-fil-a Spirit Nights, Jazzercise Nights, and concession sales to help with our overall costs/budget. 


Jamba Juice cards will be sent home the first week of April 2018. Cards are pre-loaded with 6 BOGO offers on them and will be sold for $10 each. We keep $5 from each card sold; that money goes to the athlete's remaining club fees for 2018. Money and leftover cards are due on 4/11.

On 4/11 Core Values VBC is co-hosting a fundraising event with Jazzercise of Wheat Ridge at the Anderson Gym. The Jazzercise class is 60 minutes (6:15pm-7:15pm) and costs $10. We get 50% of all proceeds for this event. This event is to help offset the end of season banquet costs. Please invite everyone you know! 

Fundraiser History

Money raised by Core Values players to pay their season fees!
2016-2017: $1063
2015-2016: $1185
2014-2015: $940