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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If we fail to answer your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Q: Is a payment plan and/or fundraising available to help cover the fees?
A: Yes! We have a standard payment plan available to all of our athletes and unlike some other clubs, we don't charge a fee to administer our payment plan. We also offer two fundraisers each season to all of our athletes. Every penny your athlete earns is put towards their account until it's paid in full. Once accounts are paid in full Core Values uses any excess funds to help cover the cost of the end of season banquet. 

Q: Are there hidden fees for the season? 
A: NO! We strive to be transparent in everything that we do. The fees you see listed on this site are exactly what you can expect to pay for the season. Unlike a lot of clubs we actually include the cost of uniforms, club gear, coaches stipends, administrative fees and tournament entry fees in our prices. The ONLY thing that isn't listed is additional (100% OPTIONAL) tournament entry fees and Core Values does not cover any costs associated with traveling for any tournament. 

Q: How much is the deposit to play? 
A: For the 2017-2018 season Local teams= $325; Regional teams= $425; Practice players= $150. These deposits are due at the parent meeting in September. Monthly payments begin in October. 

Q: What options do I have to pay?
A: We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Credit cards processed by Core Values thru our Square Up invoicing system are subject to a 2.75% processing fee. We also utilize Sportsengine for online payment processing at the time of registration. If you choose to use this service there is a one time fee of 3.5% +$1 for the entire season and then your payments are broken down into equal parts for the remaining months.

Q: When are tournaments and does it require travel?
A: Our tournament season is January through May. Starting in the 2018-2019 season all club level teams (Local and Regional) will participate in Sunday USAV/RMR tournament events only. Travel can be up to 2 hours for Sunday events. Regional teams also participate in some multi-day events that may require additional travel. 
B: Our practice teams will be excluded from USAV events and will participate in a limited amount of Saturday events with No Limits Volleyball Club. Travel is usually within an hour of Golden. 

Q: Do players and parents need to be certified to officiate and score keep?
A: Yes all club level athletes will need to be certified to score keep for USAV events. Some athletes will also be selected for a referee certification. Core Values will pay the fee for these certifications. Practice players are not required to be certified. Parents of 12U athletes may also be asked to get certified to score keep for USAV events. 

Q: Will I be required to sign a contract? 
A: Yes. All parents/guardians must sign a contract with Core Values. This commits the participant to the practice and tournament schedule as well as the financial obligation to the club. 

Q:Can my child participate in multiple sports while playing for Core Values?
A: Yes! We love our multi-sport athletes! We believe that other sports teach physical and mental skills that translate into volleyball and are overall beneficial for the athlete. We do ask that our multi-sport athletes keep in mind that we do have attendance requirements for tournament play, and that missing a lot of practice (with the Core team or the other team) can be detrimental to the growth of the team as a whole. Finding balance is the key to success with multi-sport athletes. 

Q: When and where are practices?
A: Practices during our club season are generally held in the Arvada or Lakewood areas. Practice days/times vary based on the player's commitment level. All club level teams practice 2-3 times per week. Each player offered a position at Core Values will be provided with a practice schedule. We recommend you thoroughly review this schedule prior to accepting the position with Core Values. 

Q: How long is the season and how many tournaments are there? 
A: Our club season runs November thru May each year (approx 35 weeks). The number of tournaments depends on the commitment level of the team/athlete. Most teams participate in 5-8 tournaments per season. All of our teams are also subject to occasional scrimmages lasting about 2 hours each. 

Q: What if my athlete can't make a scheduled tryout date? 
A: Part of what makes us unique is our ability to be flexible with our families regarding schedules. If you cannot make a scheduled tryout, we can treat any summer drop-in as a tryout as well. If none of those dates work, we will work with you to schedule an individual tryout with our coaches and a few club players.