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Club Program

Local Club Teams: Our local club teams participate in AAU/NVC sanctioned events and local 4v4 tournaments. In Colorado our AAU/NVC tournaments are held on Saturday's in the greater metro area. Start times vary from 8am-2pm and tournaments last about 5-6 hours.  Our local club teams participate in a total of 3-5 tournaments each season depending on player availability. 

Regional Club Teams: Our regional club teams participate in USAV, NVC, and AAU sanctioned events as well as local 4v4 tournaments. Regional teams will also participate in the Colorado Crossroads tournament. AAU/NVC tournaments are held on Saturdays, and USAV tournaments on Sundays. Teams should anticipate being at tournament locations for 6-9 hours. Multi-day in-state tournaments may require some travel (not paid for by Core Values). We typically participate in 2 multi-day tournaments per season.

Practice players: This option is perfect for players seeking the club experience, but lack the ability to commit full time to a team. Our practice players are allowed to attend ANY club practice during the week (6-10 hours of training). Tournaments are not guaranteed for practice players, but they are prepped to step in and play with a club team if needed, and we do always try to reward their hard work with at least one 4v4 or 6v6 tournament.

All teams/players are also occasionally scheduled for scrimmages against other local area programs. Scrimmages are usually 2 hours in length; days and times vary. 

Practice schedules are sent out with offers after tryouts. Please make sure you review the schedule prior to making a commitment. 
Typical practices are Monday or Tuesday (or a combo of both depending on your commitment level) and generally all teams practice on Wednesdays. Practices times are between 6:30-9pm during the week. Some Saturday practices will be held throughout the season. Saturday practices are generally longer (2-4 hours). On extremely rare occasions we may practice on Sunday afternoons. 

2017-2018 Pricing
Local teams: $925
Regional teams: $1825
Practice players: $350
Our pricing includes all tournament entry fees, gym time, uniforms (jerseys, practice shirts, ball and ball bag), membership fees (except individual USAV) and administrative fees.

Returning players may be eligible for team fee discounts for the following reasons:
-Early commit between 5/10 and 6/11/2017
-Uniform discount if we're using the same uniforms as the previous year and the players uniform is still in good condition (coaches discretion)
-New player referrals.