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Club Program


All pricing INCLUDES: all practice time, tournament entry fees, administrative fees, coach salaries, coach travel fees, team bonding activities, sport psychology training, club banquet, team pictures and a uniform package. Uniform package includes 3 jersey's, 3 pairs of socks and 3 practice shirts (for 12-13's only 2 of each). Also includes one team meal at Showdown and/or Durango for Regional teams, or teams that opt into those events.

Fees do NOT include: ANY travel expenses incurred for ANY tournament
Fees do NOT include: Spectator entry fees into any tournament. 
Fees do NOT include required individual RMR membership cost.
Fees do NOT pay for playing time at tournaments. Playing time is EARNED.

*Subject to slight modification based on program participation
 BOYS $750 RMR power tournaments Nov-Feb (1 jersey only). No Travel.
 PRACTICE   PLAYERS $650 We will roster up to 3 practice players for each club team. No tournaments
unless invited by a coach.
 12/13s $1225 5 power tournaments
Practices 2x/week
 14s $1350 5 power tournaments & Colorado Crossroads
Practices 2x/week
 15s $1825 5 power tournaments, RMR Classic & Colorado Crossroads
RMR Showdown (optional)
Practices 2x/week + conditioning
 16-2 $1925 5 power tournaments, RMR Classic, RMR Showdown & Colorado Crossroads
Practices 2x/week + conditioning
 16-1 $2425 4 power tournaments, RMR Classic , RMR Showdown
& Colorado Crossroads, Diggin it Durango
Practices 2x/week + conditioning
 17-1 $2425 4 power tournaments, RMR Classic , RMR Showdown
 & Colorado Crossroads, Diggin it Durango
Practices 2x/week + conditioning
*Optional tournaments are subject to additional tournament fees to be collected by the club. We will only opt into additional tournaments if 90% or more of the team, plus the coach can commit to attending. Additional fees will not exceed $100 and include the players portion of the tournament entry fee, plus a portion for coach accommodations.  Individual player travel fees are still considered separate and the sole responsibility of the participant. Optional tournaments may also reduce the number of power tournaments for the team (if falling on the same weekend).

**If any team receives a Bid to the National Tournament, there will be additional fees for each member of the team, whether or not the player attends the GJNC. Fees will be approximately $400 per player, plus their own travel costs.

*All Core Values participants are eligible to participate in our fundraiser held in Oct/Nov each year. 100% of the funds raised can be credited to your account, or a portion donated back to Core for group functions.

Practice schedules are sent out with offers after tryouts. Please make sure you review the schedule prior to making a commitment. Practice schedules will generally include 2 days of practice, plus one day of conditioning.
Practice facilities include A Brighter Community, Whitlock Rec Center, Carmody Rec Center and Denver Christian High School.

The boys season in RMR is VERY short. Proposed tournament schedule for 2018-2019 would include 1 tournament in Nov, 2 in December and 1 in January all on Saturdays. Practices would potentially be 1-2 times per week for 2-4 hours total November- February. *We are waiting for updated 2019-2020 info from the RMR.