Core Values VBC offers a truly unique club experience in Jefferson County and Douglas County in Colorado. We have year-round programs that work for a variety of commitment levels for athletes 12-18 years old (both boys and girls).

The founder of Core Values VBC comes from a competitive volleyball background and understands the physical, emotional, and financial stress that traditional club volleyball can put on family. The Core Values Club Program was developed to eliminate a lot of that stress and still provide a quality club experience.
Things you should know:
 1. We are not in it for the money. Sure, lots of clubs and coaches have good intentions and say this… at Core Values we live up to that statement. Here’s how:
-We do a TON of research year-round into the market in Colorado and strive to have the lowest fees for any club program we can find.
-We offer fundraising opportunities to all of our families and we do not keep one single penny of what is raised until your club fees are paid 100%. If your child raises $200 on a fundraiser, you get $200 taken off of your fees. Anything that’s raised above your fees is put into an account and is used for our end of the year celebration.
-Every family in Core Values can elect to use our standard payment plan and, unlike some other programs, we do not charge an additional “administrative fee” to your account for using the payment plan. After all, our goal is to make this affordable for your family- adding extra fees doesn’t help!
-We will never make empty promises of scholarships or HS team placements to lure you into our program! (But we are proud to say that ALL of our athletes in the last 3 years have made their high school teams! Many start on L3 and JV as freshmen!)
2. We LOVE volleyball, but it doesn’t have to ruin your family time!
-Our local club teams typically participate in 4-6 tournaments per 8 month season and tournaments are typically held in the greater metro area.
-We believe that holidays are for family time so we do our best to give breaks around the larger holidays.

 3. We believe in helping your kids grow both on and off the court.
-We hold our players to high ethics standards and discourage any unsportsmanlike behavior, bullying, or hazing.
-Academic performance is extremely important to us and all participants in our program are required to maintain above a “C” in all classes to remain eligible to participate in the program.
-We believe that volunteering and helping those in need is an important part of being a responsible and valuable member of society and each participant is required to participate in at least one volunteer activity per season.
-We offer a college recruitment support for any athletes that are interested. Our Player of the Month feature creates a FREE professional looking player profile video with additional information coaches may be seeking.
Below are program descriptions for the 2017-2018 season. We are making changes for the 2018-2019 season. Please see the "club program" page on this site. 

Local Club Teams: Our local club teams participate in AAU sanctioned events and local 4v4 tournaments. In Colorado our AAU tournaments are held on Saturday's in the greater metro area. Start times vary from 8am-2pm and tournaments last about 5-6 hours.  Our local club teams participate in a total of 3-5 tournaments each season depending on player availability. 

Regional Club Teams: Our regional club teams participate in both USAV and AAU sanctioned events as well as local 4v4 tournaments. Regional teams will also participate in the Colorado Crossroads tournament. AAU tournaments are held on Saturdays, and USAV tournaments on Sundays. Teams should anticpate being at tournament locations for 6-9 hours. Multi-day in-state tournaments may require some travel (not paid for by Core Values). We typically participate in 2 multi-day tournaments per season.

Practice players: For players seeking the club experience, but lack the ability to commit full time to a team this option is perfect. Our practice players are allowed to attend ANY club practice during the week (6-10 hours of training). Tournaments are not guaranteed for practice players, but they are prepped to step in and play with a club team if needed, and we do always try to reward their hard work with at least one 4v4 or 6v6 tournament. 

Summer Program: Core Values is unique in that we offer two summer outdoor programs to keep players active in the "off" months of volleyball.  We train in both the sand and grass and in both 2v2 and 4v4 formats.  We are a sanctioned USAV Beach Club and our players participate in USAV, AAU, and other local independently hosted tournaments during the summer months.