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Player Spotlights are created for athletes that meet the following criteria:
1. Demonstrate our Core Values of Confidence, Discipline and Determination through their actions during practices, competitions and outside of the gym. 
2. Demonstrate excellence in physical performance.
3. Player has expressed desire to compete at the collegiate level, or the coaches believe the player has the potential to compete at the collegiate level. 


January 2019: Saige Kitzmiller

Saige is well on her way to compete for a team at the next level after high school! Please check out her Field Level Profile. 

Saige Kitzmiller Class 2021. 5'7" Setter, Right Side, Outside. Vertical tested using the My Vert tool on 1/31/2019; 20" standing, 23.8" on 3 step approach; touches just over 9ft. 

Saige is an excellent student and human being. She was elected captain of her club team two seasons in a row for her remarkable ability to lead and uplift her teammates. Saige knows how to command an offense in a 5-1, but is also a threat as a hitter in a 6-2. She has played both RS and OH. Last season she was our leading blocker during the club season and 2nd in aces. She is on track to be one of our best servers again this season. She is able to feed her teammates positive energy and has been a crucial part of a couple of major come backs so far this season.

Watch Saige's Highlight Video Here. She was also a featured player of the month last season (video link below). There will be additional full game footage loaded to our YouTube channel as our season progresses. Saige wears #7 on the Core Values 16 Red Team. 

February 2019: Kennedy White

Check out Kennedy's Field Level Profile! 

Kennedy White Class 2021. 5'3" Defensive Specialist, Libero, Outside. Vertical tested using the My Vert tool on 1/31/2019; 23.3" standing, 26.2" on 3 step approach; touches 9ft. 

Kennedy is a remarkable multi-sport athlete. In volleyball Kennedy is a fierce competitor and currently leads her club team in digs, boasting close to 100 after just 4 tournaments. She also participates in her high school's tennis program and her freshman year made it to the 5A State Championships. Her ability to read the game, partnered with her explosiveness and incredible work-ethic make her a tough opponent in both sports. Off the court Kennedy is a focused and highly driven student and is involved with community projects throughout the year.

Watch Kennedy's Highlight Video Here. She was also a featured player of the month last season (video link below). There will be additional full game footage loaded to our YouTube channel as our season progresses. Kennedy wears #3 on the Core Values 16 Red Team.

March 2019: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sabaoth-Muamba

Check out Lizzie's Field Level Profile! 

Lizzie Muamba Class 2021. 5'11" Middle Blocker. Vertical tested using the My Vert tool on 1/31/2019; 25" standing, 26." on 3 step approach; touches 9'9". 

Lizzie is another one of our multi-sport athletes here at Core. She plays volleyball and participates in track (hurdles) for Lakewood HS in Lakewood, CO. This is Lizzie's first year of club volleyball, following just two years of playing experience for her high school. As you can hopefully see in her videos, Lizzie is an incredible athlete and has been an extremely fast learner. She has learned to run a very quick offense, including two different tempos for a slide set, ones, and shoots to the outside; she's also our leading blocker. Lizzie is explosive on the court, but she is also is a serious student with aspirations to become an architect. 

Watch Lizzie's Highlight Video Here. Lizzie wears #11 on the Core Values 16 Red Team. Please check out our YouTube channel for current full game footage.

April 2019: Elisa Budny

Check out Elisa's Field Level Profile! 

Elisa Budny Class 2021. 5'8". UTILITY PLAYER- SEE BELOW! Vertical tested using the My Vert tool on 1/31/2019; 24.6" standing, 27.8" on 3 step approach; touches 9'5".

Elisa Budny has been with our club for 5 years and it's been an honor to see her growth year-after-year. Elisa is a utility player on our 16's team. She currently is a 6 rotation Middle Blocker able to run a fast offense with 1's and slides, but effectively plays Outside and Opposite as well. She's an incredible DS or Libero, and as needed has also been a setter. Elisa is at, or near, the top of the leader boards for nearly every stat in our club. This isn't by accident; she's an extremely dedicated and disciplined athlete that wants to be successful in everything she does. That attitude continues off the court and she's an incredible student and leader in her other activities. 

Watch Elisa's Highlight Video Here She was also a featured player of the month last season (video link below). Elisa wears #5 on the Core Values 16 Red Team. Please check out our YouTube channel for current full game footage.

December 2017
Elisa Budny- Core Values 15 Red-
Age: 14; Height: 5'8"; Position: Middle/OH/RS/Setter; Vertical: 26.6"; Other sports: Archery, Sand Volleyball; Class of 2021
We are so incredibly proud of Elisa and the young woman she is becoming. From our first time coaching her at the City of Golden program, to now entering her 4th season with Core Values we have seen her grow and mature so much. She is a great student, involved in her community, and committed to excellence in everything she does. Elisa is a "utility player" that can play every single position on the court. She works hard, inspires and leads her teammates and doesn't know the meaning of "quit". She is a perfect example of the athletes we love to have and want to develop in our programs. *Update 5/10/18: Elisa is our Kill, Block, and Ace leader and not far behind in digs for the 2017 season. Watch Elisa's video here

January 2018
Kennedy White- Core Values 15 Red-
Age 14; Height 5'3"; Position: OH/L; Vertical: 24"; Other sports: Tennis; Class of 2021
Kennedy White is one of the most intense and dedicated athletes at Core Values. She's the kid that will show up to practices and tournaments even if she's injured and can't play (and she WANTS to be there- we never had to ask her to come in the last 4 years). Kennedy is on top of our High Flyers Club with the highest vertical in the club (she's hit 27" a few times according to our Vert!). Even though she's our top leaper, she's also our defensive "master" (aka lil' ninja) and is a killer libero! Kennedy is a past recipient of the "To the Core Award" twice over; this award is peer nominated and goes to the person that they think exemplifies our "core values" of Confidence, Discipline and Determination not just on the court but in every aspect of their every day life. *Update 5/10/18: Kennedy was a State Contender for the CHSAA 5A Doubles Tennis at Lakewood HS.  Watch Kennedy's video here!

February 2018
Sydney Kitzmiller- Core Values VBC Practice Player-
Age: 12; Height 5'3"; Position: Setter/Libero/OH; Vertical: 21"; Other sports: Skiing; Class of 2023
Don't let Sydney's age fool you! She may be the 2nd youngest athlete currently at Core Values but she's the kid in our gym that pushes each and every athlete we have to give 100% every second that they're in the gym. "Sid" comes to practice early to perfect her skills, she can play every single position on the court and she has earned the respect of our oldest and most fierce competitors in the gym with her fearless "can do" attitude. Even at 12 years old Sid already is living up to our club motto and showcases her confidence, discipline and determination every time she steps into the gym. We're super excited to watch Sydney grow in the coming years! There are great things to come! Watch Sydney's video here! 

March 2018
Isabella Claussen- Core Values 15 Blue-
Age:13; Height 5'11"; Position: Middle/RS; Vertical: 16"; Class of 2022
Isabella Claussen is one of the youngest players at Core Values this season at just 13 years old. Because of Izzy's skills, work ethic and most importantly her attitude I asked Izzy to play up with our 15s Regional team at a couple of big multi-day tournaments this season. Izzy didn't play every second of every game, but she made every second count. Twice Izzy hadn't played a single point in a game and I called on her to serve on game point. Izzy went back to the line and was confident and determined and she served rocket aces to win us those games.  Izzy's attitude definitely sets her apart from some of her teammates. If we need to fill a spot in practice she is the first to volunteer; it doesn't matter what position it is or how long she'll be on the court she wants to do whatever she can to help her team be successful. Whether Izzy is on the court, or on the side line she is the biggest supporter of her teammates and supports everyone 100% off the time. She has the biggest heart here at Core Values and I am excited to see what the future holds for her!  Watch Izzy's video here!

April 2018
Saige Kitzmiller- Core Values 15 Red-
Age:15; Height 5'7"; Position: Setter/RS; Vertical: 21.5"; Class of 2021; Other Sports: Skiing
Well, if the name sounds familiar it's because both of the Kitzmiller sisters have now been named Player of the Month for Core Values. Saige is a first year athlete at Core making a big impact in our gym. She is our setter on the 15 Regional team and her teammates elected her as co-captain this season because she encourages and pushes her teammates and never talks down to anyone Saige has proven that she's one of our strongest 6 rotation players and is a great passer, hitter and one of our leading blockers. I never have to worry about Saige having a bad attitude, and she's always one of the hardest workers in the gym. She is confident, disciplined, and determined to be successful in all that she does and definitely earned this player of the month recognition. Watch Saige's video here!