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St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

I am proud to announce that this year Core Values VBC is doing a fundraiser for the St. Baldrick's Foundation for children's cancer research. We have several families at Core Values that have been personally impacted not just by childhood cancer, but cancer in general and I think this is a cause we can all get behind.

Our fundraiser event will not only be a great contribution to St. Baldrick's, but will test our athletes skills as well. On Sunday March 4th we will be hosting a Serve-a-thon at the Tony Grampsas Gym in Golden, CO. All contributors will be invited to attend the Serve-a-thon so they can watch their athlete complete their challenge. All pledges must be paid and turned in at practice no later than 3/6/2018 so that we can present the check to St. Baldrick's at the 3/14 event. 

This is the campaign that we are helping support this year: 
If you feel so compelled you can also sign up to be a shavee for this event using the link above.

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Today we held our first ever serve-a-thon benefiting the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Here are the individual amounts raised and serves completed for each athlete that participated: 
Coach Kyle Brownlow $5080
Rachel Adamson $436 (92/100)
Coach Cynthia Dang $415
Elisa Budny $365 (99/100)
Taylor Volek $350(80/100)
Shelbie Hewitt $340 (88/100)
Sienna Colucci $250 (73/100)
Angelina Sanchez $220 (70/100)
Victoria Martin $200 (91/100)
Trini Camerena $193.25 (71/100)
Isabella Claussen $192(96/100)
Shea Arnold $160.00 (83/100)
Annika Smith $100
Anna Plotnick $95 (93/100)
Gabby Macarelli $89 (89/100)
Saige Kitzmiller $82.90 (97/100)
Sydney Kitzmiller $82.90 (91/100)
Jade Preston $60
Evie Schull $55(97/100)
Kennedy White $50
Rachel Brunel $48 (96/100)
Nick Fontaine: $45.75
Zach Inglee $25 (96/100)
Grace Scott: $20

Total raised as of 3/14/2018 : $8,954.80
(will be updated as all pledges are collected this week at practices)