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Coach Mike- Strength & Conditioning

Michael Dang (Coach Mike) has been assisting Coach Cindy with volleyball teams at the City of Golden since 2010. In 2014 he accepted a position as Core Values VBC's conditioning coordinator and kids in our programs have shown remarkable improvements in their overall fitness levels. Our girls are consistently some of the biggest jumpers in their high school programs. Year after year they report that while most kids are "gassed" during their high school workouts and tryouts, they are able to keep up and often outlast most of their groups.

Mike has been playing volleyball, both recreational and competitive since 2005. Michael shares the same level of devotion to the success of each player in the Core Values family and supports our goals as an organization. He spends most nights collaborating with Coach Cindy to come up with dynamic and challenging practice plans and goals for individual players in our programs. 

And yes, in case you noticed, Coach Mike and Coach Cindy now share the same last name. They were married in September 2016.