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2019 Junior Assistant Coaches

Our Junior Assistant Coaching program is new for the 2019-2020 season. 
This program is designed to have current or former Core Values VBC athletes make the transition to becoming coaches and certified officials. 

Megan Higgins started her volleyball journey with Coach Cindy at the Golden CARA volleyball program when she was in elementary school! She played in the CARA program until high school and was on the first Core Values team that we had. Megan was always that athlete that would give 100% of herself to her team, and despite any adversity she would never give up. Megan recently graduated from Golden High School and has made her volleyball career come full circle by transitioning from player to coach! Megan will be assisting our 13's, 14's and 16's teams in 2019-2020. 

Rachel Adamson started her volleyball career at the local YMCA, then joined CARA volleyball, and finally landed at Core Values. Rachel has been a staple in the Core program since our 2nd year. Her unfaltering dedication to the program and willingness to do whatever has been needed by her team is truly inspiring. For the last two years, Rachel had unfortunately "aged out" and Core Values didn't have a team for her to compete on, but that didn't stop her from committing to the program as a practice player so she could still be in the gym. This year Rachel is our first official "junior assistant coach" that will both participate as a practice player with our 17's team, and be an assistant coach for our 13's team.