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Coach Kyle


I remember as a kid and any time a new kid moved in I would start teaching the different games we would play as a group of kids (girls or boys), it came natural, I respected them and loved seeing them succeed.  

I officially started coaching the summer of 1993 as an assistant coach for my oldest sons T-Ball team, he was five, he is now 30. I did this for 7 years. I was an assistant coach for my other 2 kids as well, my middle (child) a son in soccer, and my youngest,  my daughter in soccer, fast pitch softball, and volleyball.

I started playing doubles volleyball with my high school friends back in the 70’s I played doubles until my oldest child turned 18 months or so.  Then I started playing dad. My love for the game finally became an interest to my daughter, she started playing, and I coaching as a head coach when she was 10 she is now 24 and a junior varsity coach at a local high school.

I have coached for The City of Lakewood for 14 years, a year off and coached for Arvada, all recreational. I also coached 9 years for a competitive league  No Limits (aka South Metro Volleyball). I coach now as I did as a kid, with respect and for the love of seeing athletes do thing they have only seen others do.

I am a dad first, so the welfare of the athlete is my number one priority. If someone gets a hard hit on the head, twists an ankle or knee I will evaluate by watching the athlete or even pull them at the time of the injury if it appears they are not right.  My thinking is, a game, match or even a tournament is not worth a life time of pain and suffering.  I will discuss this with parents/guardians of the injured athlete to get a feel for how the athlete has handled being hurt in the past.  I do not believe in the, suck it up don’t be a baby kind of attitude. I have seen sever injuries and kid get hurts even worse by that attitude, I don’t ask kids to suck it up.  I will usually let the parent/guardian make the decision, but we will discuss all of the options first. Usually they do not want to come out of the game anyway, it is through the tears of not being hurt but not being in the game.  Girls are tough!!!

My Expectations-

The number one thing I tell the kids right off is, there are NO BAD ATTITUDES. It will not be tolerated, it is a distraction to what we are going to accomplish and it will not happen. This is about a team, a team of individual athletes working together for one purpose; be the best volleyball players they can possibly be.  

I teach the game one way, being played as a warrior with ferocity and passion.  At the end of the day it is just a game we will win with respect and lose with respect.  This is a game where we give everything we have for every point, but at the end of the day, it is just a game.  No egos, no non-believers, no slackers Practice or in Games. We will have fun and may even win a game or two.