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Coach James

My passion for Volleyball began in 5
th grade and I have been a player every since competing on many levels from doubles sand to indoor six on six. I began coaching when my two youngest daughters began their volleyball careers and they both quickly advanced beyond my coaching capabilities. But I realized that helping kids was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life and I dedicated myself to making kids feel better about themselves through positive reinforcement and confidence building on and off the court. As a volleyball family, the Booths have been to Jr. Nationals in USAV three times and traveled around this country experiencing tournaments in a dozen states and it has truly been the stuff dreams are made of. 

I will do everything in my ability to bring this type of energy and enthusiasm to Core Values and deliver a consistent message of method, mind set, skill set and the root of any successful program, being good teammates and camaraderie.

Lakewood high school Freshmen coach 3rd year 

Director Lakewood Gold Crown 3rd year 

8th grade Gold Crown coach 5th year 

Lakewood CARA coach 2 years