Are you ready for HS Tryouts?

posted Jul 5, 2017, 10:21 AM by Cynthia Dang   [ updated Jul 5, 2017, 10:21 AM ]

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation and that you had a great holiday yesterday. Can you believe that high school tryouts are just about a month away?! Are you prepared? Some of the questions we’ve received about tryouts will be addressed in our blog today.


Q: Do I have to attend the summer open gyms to make a HS team?

A: This completely depends on your HS program. Are the open gyms optional or mandatory? If mandatory, I’d say yes you NEED to go. If the open gyms are optional, then ultimately it’s up to you. HOWEVER, I will say that in my experience going to open gyms is essential to show casing your talents prior to tryouts. It also allows you to start building relationships with the coaching staff and other players. Plus, if you take the entire summer off you’re going to get rusty…. Attending open gyms is a good way to stay on top of your skills and work on skills that aren’t as strong prior to tryouts. Really it’s a win-win for you as a player if you make the effort to go to the open gyms.


Q: What is the biggest challenge to make a HS team?

A: Again, this will completely depend on your program. Some programs (especially in our area), aren’t big enough to make cuts to their program so everyone that tries out makes a team. BUT there are also programs in our area that routinely cut 20-40 players each season.  No matter the situation with the amount of girls trying out, you will face the same challenges as everyone else. Proving yourself to the coaching staff not only with your skills, but your attitude. Being “coachable” is usually in the top 3 things that coaches look at when deciding who gets to play and who gets cut. Being coachable can be hard. You have to learn to take criticism with an open mind. You have to be willing to try new things without much hesitation. Be willing to work on and perfect the little things even if they aren’t your favorite things to do. Keep a good attitude with the coaches AND the other players in the gym.


Q: Do I really have to have good grades to play HS volleyball or is that a tactic used by my parents?

A: You absolutely have to meet academic requirements to play HS volleyball. This is a huge reason why Core Values also has an academic requirement starting with our 13U teams. We want you to get used to earning your right to play. Volleyball may be a life sport, but ultimately it is not going to carry you through life. You need an academic background to fall on to be successful. HS sports, college sports and some clubs like ours will enforce academic policies. You’re a Student-Athlete: the student part should ALWAYS come first J


Q: Words of advice for preparing for tryouts and the HS season?

A: YES! You need to be working on your weak skills over the summer at drop-ins, camps, open gyms or even at home alone! Stay in shape and go swimming a lot, go on runs/hikes, etc. You have to remember that there are a lot of girls out there that will be willing to put in the effort to get better. If you sit around all summer they WILL pass you up.

Once tryouts are actually here you need to think “CHALK”.

C: Coachable- I addressed this above, but just remember not to take anything really personal. Our jobs as coaches is to criticize. Some coaches have more tact than others. It’s a hard job. If you get criticism take it constructively and try to make the changes your coach is asking for.

H: Hardworking- There is no excuses for not giving 100%. Don’t let someone out-work you, ever.

A: Aggressive- If you stand around and watch volleyball instead of jumping in and playing volleyball you will not leave a good impression in your coach’s mind. Show your coach that you want the ball and work hard to get it.

L: Loud- communication is important (how often have I yelled “TALK!” at you?). LOUD and confident communication is better.

K: Kind- stuck in a group of girls you don’t know? Be nice, introduce yourself, learn names, be genuine. Someone makes a mistake? Nicely tell them to shake it off; be encouraging. Some else makes an awesome play? Celebrate with them; give them a high five, etc.

Any  advice I give wouldn’t be complete without telling you to practice our Core Values.

Be Confident: In yourself and your team. If you have a crappy attitude about who you’re playing with you will come off cocky. Be confident enough to step up your own skills and help those around you that may be struggling.

Be Disciplined: RUN to get water, use the bathroom, shag balls, etc. Don’t talk while the coach is talking. Pay attention to instructions for new drills, etc. Don’t rely on the person next to you to know what’s going on.

Be Determined. “You don’t know if you don’t go”. If you stand and WATCH a ball fall you’re letting yourself and your team down. ALWAYS give 100% effort. Struggle on day one of tryouts? Don’t hang your head in shame. We all have bad days. Shake it off, clear your mind and get back to work the next day.